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The ability of the gate to prevent intrusion will ultimately be determined by the design of the gate and the perimeter boundary of which it’s a part and by and large it is best to accept that its ability to prevent crime will be limited to crimes of an opportunistic nature and crimes where a motor vehicle is a prerequisite for the offence to be successful.

There are of course lots of advantages to having automatic driveway gates.  They will reduce trespass and prevent unwanted callers.  If the house is set back some distance from the road then a solid gate will, to some extent, prevent overlooking by people up to no good.  With the aid of audio and visual communication you can control automatic gates from your home and obviously you can open and close them from inside the car.  Automatic gates can be programmed to close automatically with special safety devices to prevent people from getting hurt.

If at all possible a separate pedestrian entrance should be provided to separate vehicular traffic from pedestrians and so that the vehicle gates are only used as often as is required for vehicles, thereby reducing the wear and tear and maintenance of the gate and motor.

Installing automatic gates is a complex task and it is important to understand exactly what will be required.  The specifications applied to the gates and their operations are virtually limitless and you’ll need to work very closely with your chosen supplier.

Your chosen supplier should be conversant with the following Health and Safety Executive documents concerning risks to pedestrians.  If they don’t know about these documents I would question their suitability for the job.