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So how do the morally-confused members of society manage to cross electric fences night after night? Well, it’s quite easy actually. There are a couple of ways that they do it.

  1. They short circuit the fence, and in doing so they blow a fuse in the energizer, leaving the fence absolutely useless. This can be done by attaching the fence to a metal stake by using a copper wire. Most home and business owners will rather call maintenance experts than replace the fuse themselves, giving criminals time to secure their entry.
  2. Other ways of causing a short circuit is to place a heavy object on the fence. They will continually short-circuit the fence until the owner turns off the fence suspecting a fault. This is when the criminals can bypass the system.
  3. Criminals simply break the electric fence as a method of gaining entry. This is done when there is a clear open entrance into the house or business, and although an alarm may signal a robbery, it will prove useless if the criminals are already inside the house. They can break the fence by destroying stands or by cutting the wires.
  4. Criminals can also crawl under an electric fence by simply propping up the wires with sticks for those fences that extend to the ground. Where there is a fence mounted onto a wall, criminals have been known to knock out bricks and mortar below the fence, creating a space through which they can crawl.
  5. It is believed that robbers can bypass an electric fence without being electrocuted by simply placing a rubber blanket over the wire. This will not eliminate the shock, but it can make it weak enough for the criminal to gain entrance easily. If the criminal doesn’t mind a mild shock, then they’ll quite simply use rubber gloves and rubber soled shoes to climb over an electric fence. Both methods, however, will set off the energizer alarm.