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Our security officers are employed at client sites throughout the country to help protect our clients’ property, their valuables and their employees. This is achieved through patrolling, monitoring and reporting techniques by exercising Vigilance, Integrity and Helpfulness (our core company values).


Dogs are loyal companions who have been humans’ best friends for centuries. But above their companionship, they have unique abilities that are valued when assisting human beings in their work, making them key assets in various professional security roles, from general security and gard dogs through to highly trained search or protection dogs.


As homeowners and business owners it is our responsibility to protect our own property from being pilfered by the greedy criminals that pervade Rwanda. One method that we regularly employ is installing electric fences on the boundaries of our properties, and although they have served us well, electric fences are regularly bypassed by criminals.


Trail cameras for security come in many configurations with a variety of programming options. Most models are capable of taking both still photos and video. Many capture audio to accompany the video. Some stealth security cameras are capable of capturing photos in complete darkness with no visible flash.Trespassers, burglars, and vandals seem to be multiplying at an unbelievable rate. Luckily, catching a criminal has never been easier with the help of trail cameras for security surveillance.


The ability of the gate to prevent intrusion will ultimately be determined by the design of the gate and the perimeter boundary of which it’s a part and by and large it is best to accept that its ability to prevent crime will be limited to crimes of an opportunistic nature and crimes where a motor vehicle is a prerequisite for the offence to be successful.


Biometric verification is a process of identity authentication that is used to confirm identity through uniquely detectable biological traits and may be an effective tool in the war on crime.